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Tenant Testimonial – Sherwood Valve

Tenant Testimonial – Sherwood Valve

Sherwood Valve has been manufacturing specialty gas valves and accessories the past 100 years.  A tenant of Weston’s since 2013, they were interested in consolidating their Valley View facility and gaining square footage and adding some integral industrial amenities.  When a vacancy became available at a contiguous space, Weston immediately reached out to present the opportunity.

The new space presented a challenge as it required a complicated build-out which included refurbishing 2,000 SF of existing office space and constructing an additional 5,000 SF of new office space, adding floor drains, and installing more efficient lighting.  They also needed assistance with their machinery install and bringing the 1940’s era building up to modern standards.

The fact that Weston had extensive knowledge of the building and had completed their previous facility’s build-out made the transition significantly easier by providing Sherwood with peace of mind and allowed us to address all the improvements they required since we understood the building the best.

Sherwood’s Director of Operations, Tom Hensley, had this to say: “The entire Staff at Weston has always been easy to work with and very professional.  We recently completed a 90,000 square foot expansion adjacent to our current facility with no delays. We are appreciative of the hard work and communication in getting the build out completed and on time.  Special thanks to Jonathan Fitzwater and Moates Construction on their responsiveness and cooperation as we transitioned into the additional space in 2020.”