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Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

For over three decades, Weston has owned, managed, and developed industrial, office, and retail properties throughout the United States. Headed by President TJ Asher, the Acquisitions department continuously seeks new opportunities, investors, partners, and revenue streams needed to further develop our well-diversified portfolio.

Acquisition History

The company has built its portfolio by identifying undervalued real estate through its network of strategic relationships. Below is a list of properties acquired throughout the United States:

Today, Weston’s portfolio consists of more than 80 properties in 8 states, totaling over 21 million square feet.
2001 – 200524New Jersey, California, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina$100 Million
2006 – 201021Ohio, Texas, Nevada, South Carolina$112 Million
2011 – 201522Ohio, North Carolina$90 Million
2016 – 202070Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana$468 Million

Our Experience

Carolina Industrial Portfolio

  • This acquisition is the largest to date in Weston’s 48 year history
  • The transaction represents the largest single acquisition of properties in S.C. in at least 10 years
  • Weston is one of the state’s largest privately owned real estate investors
  • Located in the Carolinas, it consists of 37 buildings and 57 tenants
  • The portfolio is comprised of manufacturing, warehouse, flex space and industrial properties
  • It is 83% leased at the time of purchase
  • The bulk of the assets are located in South Carolina with one in North Carolina
  • $40 Million floating rate loan with a large midwestern regional bank to facilitate the value-add thesis

1.5M SF in The Carolinas

  • Weston acquired an industrial warehouse portfolio in The Carolinas
  • The acquisition includes 1.5M SF of five industrial assets
  • 100% leased with 5 credit worthy tenants and long term leases
  • It was bank financed and made in partnership with a real estate investment firm based in Chicago, Ill.

1.5M SF in Indianapolis, IN

  • Weston completed the purchase of a 1.5M SF portfolio in Indianapolis, a brand new market for the company
  • It consists of 9 buildings of highly functional assets
  • Excellent location and dynamic tenant base
  • The purchase was made in partnership with a multi-national investment manager

457,000 SF in Columbus, OH

  • Weston continued to expand its holdings in Columbus, OH with the purchase of 4 locations in 2015.
  • Total purchase included 457,000 SF and 18 tenants.
  • Properties consisted of $21 million that was financed through an institutional investor.
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