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“Thriving” in the Community

“Thriving” in the Community

Thrive Early Learning Center was faced with a mounting business issue. They were a start up business that needed quasi-retail space with lots of visibility but knew that a brand new location could reduce their ROI.

They came across Overlook Court in Warrensville Heights and began deal discussions with Weston.  Startups can have their own unique set of challenges in opening up a brick and mortar business for the first time.  When credit and financing became the topic of discussion, relationships came into play and Weston was able to assist with mitigating expenses up front to ensure Thrive can use those dollars to invest into the business to allow for success and profitability.

Thrive’s space went through a complete overhaul and was designed to act as a center based environment which serves students ages 18 months to 6 years of age. Thrive Early Learning Center, an Early Intervention provider for young children on the autism spectrum, officially opened its doors in June of 2020.

Thrive is a welcome addition to Overlook Park and we look forward to building our relationship further for years to come.