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In the Words of David Deans, CFO of Seek Now in Louisville, KY

In the Words of David Deans, CFO of Seek Now in Louisville, KY

Our company, Seek Now (formerly Ladder Now), has hit a growth spurt in which we have tripled in size during the past 3 years. In late 2019, we identified the need to double our office capacity based on our 2020 hiring plans. Our office space in Jefferson Trade Center was large enough to accommodate the hiring growth, but it was not configured for the type of roles and teams that we expected to onboard. After engaging a local design firm to draft expansion plans, we quickly proceeded to construction bids and were shocked at the cost of expanding the interior of our headquarters. Two large construction firms provided widely differing bids that were far above our initial budget.

In a last-ditch effort, we contacted Kathy Preston, Property Manager with Weston, to share our plans and hopefully get recommendations for smaller general contractors that could help us align plans with budgets. What happened next was extraordinary – we met with a contractor that Weston used to complete the initial buildout of our space. He was able to take our plans, make adjustments, and submitted a bid that was much more competitive than the two solicited by our design firm.

Kathy made a huge effort to help us succeed and continued by introducing us to specialty contractors (like flooring) and used her influence to make sure we were treated as part of the Weston family. The project was completed soon before the COVID lockdowns. Our office was completely transformed to double the capacity and the project was done for 40% under the next closest bid.

Initially, we hoped that Kathy could simply help open doors to make the project feasible. However, she went above and beyond, took an active role and played an integral part in configuring our HQ for growth. She saved us a ton of money without compromising quality or functionality. Kathy (and Weston) treated us like a business partner, not simply a tenant.  We could not have asked for more and appreciate the value created by Weston.