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Commercial Property Management

With an uncompromising focus on customer service, Weston’s Operations team is an important piece of our organization. This department takes a full service approach to meet the needs of existing and potential tenants. The team keeps each customer’s goals in mind when planning growth and expansion strategies, and finding innovative ways to improve satisfaction. Add our Facilities and our Maintenance staff – on call for emergencies 24/7 – and you get Weston’s commitment to customer service that is second to none. Also, the Construction department is staffed by professional full service talent that can take a project from conception to drawings to build-out completion.


...I appreciate the relationship that we have with Weston Properties. The term "partnership" is often over used in business vernacular thus almost rendering the word a cliche. However, I believe that we have a wonderful "partnership" with Weston. NewKor's tenure with you and your team has always been cordial, with both parties benefiting from a relationship that goes back over 20 years. As I start my 9th year of ownership of NewKor, I look forward to working with you and your team for our immediate needs and future needs. I look forward to growing with you and continuing our relationship in the years to come.

...One a more personal note, I would like to say that in my dealings with property managers and real estate professionals I have never enjoyed working with anyone more then you. Your straight forward no nonsense approach to business in combination with your outstanding knowledge of the laws and regulations of the area as well as your ability to represent your owners point of view in a positive manor most definitely sets you apart from others in your field. Through our dealings I have found you to be nothing less than a credit to your profession as well as to Weston Companies...

I would like to any prospective new tenant - New Weston Family Member - to know what they will be become a part of when they move into your Corporate Center...On a daily basis, your team supports your clients' needs in a professional, yet friendly manner. No matter to whom you speak with in the office, you always receive a courteous knowledgeable answer or a very prompt follow up. The level of your staff and manner in which they carry and represent themselves makes them all a pleasure to deal with. Your repair team also shows this "can do" attitude as they insure that needs are met in a timely manner...

Our sincere thanks to you Kathy [Preston] & your team for all the historical help and continued support. You make this location a gem.

On behalf of everyone here at Armour Spray Systems, Inc., I felt compelled to drop you a line regarding the performance of your Maintenance Supervisor Ed during our major plumbing problem at 210 Hayes Drive Suites H & I last month. EXCEPTIONAL is all I can say. Ed [Richmond] responded very promptly to our initial call and expertly handled each situation that arose from there. He went about his business deliberately, calmly, and efficiently, all marks of a true professional.

I realize that there are many other fine people at Weston who help make your organization so successful, but in this case I would like to single out Connie Knotts and Keith Beccia for their outstanding service to Levin Consulting during our tenancy. Connie and Keith make a great team and they are a pleasure to work with. Whether it was a call in to them to report no heat, no AC or lighting issues in the parking lot during winter months, or any other issues that carne up during our tenancy, Connie and Keith were right there to address our concerns in a timely and professional manner. They were always so friendly, accessible and professional in all matters with which we dealt.