What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Rob Namy, Senior Vice President for Weston Commercial Real Estate

Rob Namy, Senior Vice President for Weston Commercial Real Estate

Weston Senior Vice President Rob Namy was buoyed by his recent summer vacation. However, anyone that know him knows that it was not a typical beach getaway. Rob has been involved for several years with the organization known as MedWish, and his vacation was spent in El Salvador on a humanitarian effort to provide personal and medical care and hygiene items to the people of this under-developed country.

MedWish International is a not-for-profit organization committed to re-purposing medical supplies and equipment discarded by the healthcare industry. Their objective is to provide humanitarian aid in developing countries to save lives and reduce waste in order to save our environment.  Rob has been a volunteer for 8 years, going on humanitarian missions every year with different groups, or ‘brigades’ as MedWish calls their aid groups. The groups are composed of doctors, nurses, teachers, and everyday people with the desire to help in any way they can. Rob says the experiences he has had with MedWish have been some of the most enriching he has had in his life. “To be able to spend time with these people just listening to their problems and knowing that you are helping to fulfill their needs, both basic and medical, is an experience beyond words”, said Namy. “I look forward to these brigades every year.”

MedWish relies on donations from individuals to make these missions possible. Rob, along with 40 other volunteers,  brought along hundreds of pounds of first aid and hygiene items donated  by kind individuals to give to the 1,500 people they saw there.  Hundreds of humanitarian aid workers  rely on MedWish to fill their suitcases to fulfill important work in remote Peruvian jungles, resource-scarce African villages, Southeast Asian orphanages and earthquake-battered Haiti. On their first day in El Salvador, the 2012 brigade treated 300 patients in their field clinic. It is truly staggering to realize that this is the only medical treatment that most of these people will receive all year. 

If you would like to learn more about MedWish and their incredible humanitarian work, contact Rob at rnamy@teamweston.com, or please visit their website.