Weston Making Strides with Boss Pro-Karting on Brand-New Facility

The bustle of construction workers and their equipment is all that can be heard standing alongside the partially built facility on Brookpark Road. This austere structure will soon become home to Boss Pro-Karting, the racing retreat center that will provide a unique and exciting go-karting experience. The exterior of the 36,000 square foot facility is in the process of being completed, leaving the interior wide open. While being inside the facility and surrounded by nearly finished walls and an enormous ceiling, the space takes on a powerful appeal.

The might of the structure itself was matched with the welcoming arms of the Copley family, John, Joel, and Brad, who are working together in the completion of the project. John is overseeing the operation from a fatherly position, possessing a welcoming and trustworthy aura. Joel, the overseer of construction, and Brad, the future operator of the business, seem to have inherited both their smiley faces and fluorescent personalities from their dad. Together, these three men make the seemingly perfect team and are always on the same page.

When the facility is completed, it’s going to function with multiple purposes. Along with the option to arrive and drive, Boss Pro-Karting can facilitate corporate meetings, team building events, leagues, and many more special event options. There will be conference rooms, catering, and the main racetrack to compliment the various uses. Through this, the karting experience stretches far beyond mere thrill. The bonding and camaraderie that racing provides is utilized and readily made accessible.

Boss Pro-Karting is projected to open in the beginning of August. Clearly, there is plenty of work still, but the Copley family seems to be the right fit in getting it done.


The renderings of the future home to Boss Pro-Karting


The current state of the 36,000 sq. ft. facility in Brookpark, OH