Weston Loves Our Furry Friends

Recently Adopted by a Weston AssociateWeston employee Lynn Jewell has a very special “second job” after she leaves the office each day. Lynn is one of the founders of Canine Lifeline, a rescue group that pulls animals from high kill shelters in Ohio and Kentucky and fosters them until they are able to find them a good and permanent home. Lynn and 2 other women formed Canine Lifeline in September 2009 after volunteering at a local shelter and seeing highly adoptable dogs being euthanized because of lack of space.  They began by paying for the dogs to leave the shelter, fostered them in their own homes, and gave them needed medical care before placing them with their permanent families.

Since their inception a little over 2 years ago, Canine Lifeline has grown tremendously.  They have saved over 700 dogs that were scheduled to be euthanized in rural shelters.  They have a dedicated volunteer base of over 30 people and have many ‘foster parents’ as well.  Many families have found adopting a rescue dog to be such a rewarding experience, they come back and adopt a second dog.

Speaking personally as one of three employees at Weston who have adopted a dog from Canine Lifeline, I can tell you that my little Sadie Rose, seen pictured below, has been a real source of joy in my life. She came to me from a Kentucky high kill shelter after being rescued by her heroes from Canine Lifeline. She was scared, underweight, and would cringe any time we tried to pet her. She warmed up rather quickly, however, and today she is one happy (and spoiled!) girl who loves to give kisses and be cuddled above all else. She also loves her big sister Bella.

Canine Lifeline relies on donations from the public and previous adopters to help defray costs because the medical care and upkeep is more per dog that they actually charge for adoption fees.  Many dogs come to them having tested positive for heartworm, injured from car accidents, or with other health issues that are easily treated. 

To learn more about this incredible organization, make a donation, or look into giving one of these loving animals the forever home they all deserve, please visit their website at www.caninelifeline.org, or go to the Petco store in Macedonia every Saturday from Noon to 3:00, where Canine Lifeline brings their adoptable dogs to meet the public.