The Skylights Have Been Placed

exteriorAs many of you are aware, Team Weston is getting ready to move our corporate offices to a new location. We bought Overlook Court, located one building north of where we are now on Richmond Road, and we are currently experiencing the chaos of building out our offices in our newly purchased facility.

This week, the skylights in our new space have been cut in. There are four above the cubes, one over the collaboration area, and one in the development area. It’s like the sky has opened up – there was always some light coming in with the large windows, but now there is a huge amount of light travelling through the space.

One of the goals for the build-out that we maintained all along is to achieve more natural light. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the amount of natural light and productivity. To me, it just makes us all feel better! With the use of skylights, low cubes, and glass, this goal will be achieved.

Stay tuned, I will post another update next week. Thanks for sharing in my excitement.