Tenant Spotlight – Polywood

Polywood, a sustainable outdoor furniture manufacturer, started their business in 1990 and are currently expanding into a owned by Weston in Roxboro, North Carolina.  The space will consist of a state-of-the-art, 30’ clear facility comprised of a 100,000 SF recycling area, a 200,000 SF extrusion area, and a 200,000 SF finished goods area where they will rack the new lumber and assemble into furniture.

The big question remains, however, just what items do they recycle and how do they turn these otherwise landfill-bound items into weatherproof outdoor furniture?  The process is as follows:

They work with suppliers of recycled material to bring in an astonishing 400,000 plastic bottles and jugs per day.

The vast majority of these products are milk jugs, detergent containers, shampoo & lotion bottles, cleaner spray bottles, etc., as they are made with high-density polyethylene plastics, which are extremely durable and weather resistant.

They shred these into plastic flakes.  The flakes are then cleaned and ground into a fine powder.

With a wave of a wand, a special machine turns this fine powder into clear plastic pellets by the apparent use of magic.

These pellets are then sent to the extrusion line and mixed with any of a large variety of colors desired by the consumer, and it’s extruded into plastic boards that look like lumber, only better!

The finished product is sustainable, weatherproof, and comes with a 20-year warranty.  What better way to outfit your deck with extremely comfortable, attractive, and durable furniture, while also pulling plastics out of our landfills?  Visit polywood.com to view their full catalog of products.