Spotlight on Joe Soltesz, Controller for Weston

Go Joe!

The 24 Hour of Booty Cycling Event

Go Joe!

A Weston employee for more than 13 years, we all know Joe Soltesz is a vital member of the Weston team.  But, not only is he hard working in the office, he is a great contributor outside the office as well.  Joe participates in an event called “24 Hours of Booty.” 

“24 Hours of Booty” is the Official 24-Hour Cycling Event of LIVESTRONG™.  The event brings together cyclists from all over, who participate because they are passionate about fighting the terrible disease of cancer.  24 Hours of Booty raises funds that are critical for many local and national cancer charities. 

Since the beginning of this organization in 2002, more than $7 million has been raised to fight cancer.  Their mission has been to conduct 24-hour cycling events that increase public awareness, funds, and support for LIVESTRONG™ and local cancer organizations.  Their goal is to grow participation and fundraising by increasing the number of quality events held in communities worldwide.

Over the last 3 years, Joe and his wife have received support from many of their friends and family and have raised over $10,000 for this cause.  This year, on July 27th, they will be participating in their 4th Booty event.  This particular event takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This time, their goal is to go further than he ever has (he did 260 miles in the Charlotte Event and 270 miles in the Atlanta Event last year).  This year he hopes to make it to 300 miles – incredible!

To get a better idea of what this event is all about, Joe put together a 10 minute video of last year’s Charlotte Event and posted it on You Tube:

Everyone here at Weston is very proud of Joe for participating in these events and we really encourage you to support him!  Visit his website and to learn more and to support his effort to fight cancer!