14 Tips to Letting Your Customers Know That Your Business Has Moved

Getting ready to relocate? Here are some quick tips to letting your customers know in advance about your new location, so that they have no trouble finding you:

2 Months Before Moving Day

1.  Order new letterhead – This can be done well in advance of the actual moving date. And if you have a relationship with your printer, they will probably store it for you so that you can pick it up after you relocate to avoid having to move it twice.

2.  Flag your website – Add a banner to your website with a notice about your move. Leave it a little bit obscure by saying, “New location coming soon” or “Our business is expanding…stay tuned for information”.

3.  Social media – Alert your customers about your impending move via your social media channels. Again, be a little bit vague with a Coming Soon message.

4.  Signage – Design signage for your new location, so that on the day of your move it can be seen by your customers. Also, post a sign in your current operation for customers to see when they stop by.

1 Month Before Moving Day

5.  Press release – Take some time to craft a well-written press release, or leave it to a professional. You can distribute it yourself or use a service like PR Web. If you circulate it yourself, send it to as many media services as you can.

6.  Postcard – Take time to design and mail a postcard to your customers with a “We’re Moving” description, the date of your move, and your new address.

7.  Add a note to your invoices – If you send out bills, post a note that is easily noticed on the invoice, or add a letter to the envelope with the details of your move.

8.  Place an ad – If the budget allows, place an ad in relevant places for your customers to see. Choose from TV, radio, or printed journals, whatever your customers will read.

9.  Social media – you can begin using a firm date in your social media posts.

10. Email – send an email to your customers with the details of your move.

Post Moving Day

11. Grand opening party – begin plans for a grand opening party to celebrate your new location. If you choose you can hand out collateral marketing items to reconfirm your new address.

12. Google+ – Claim your new location on Google+.

13. Social media – You can now shift to the We’ve Moved post.

14. Email – if you choose you can reinforce your move with another email. Or, perhaps it can be combined with the grand opening invitation.

Whatever the reason for your business move, following these tips will ensure that your transition is a smooth one, and most importantly, that your customers can find you. Putting your name out in the marketplace via social media and email announcements just reinforces your branding as well, moving your business onward and upward.